Daniel by Craig Simpson

Action-packed adventure set during the Glorious Revolution of 1688.
Published: 2nd March 2015 (Alsvith Books™)
Hardback Edition
RRP £12.99
ISBN: 9780993115509
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Great Summer Read

“Apart from being an excellent read, it would make a terrific Sunday teatime television series......This is definitely one to take to the beach this summer - for teenagers of all ages.” Annette Shaw (Devon Life)

Special Ops Books by Craig Simpson

Special Operations Series

Award-winning WWII action-packed stories inspired by Britain's real Secret Army, the Special Operations Executive. Follow young Norwegian hero, Finn Gunnersen, and best friends Loki and Freya, in thrilling adventures behind enemy lines.

".... great characters putting their lives on the line for the greater good, tight plotting, great action scenes, realistic dialogue and as much tension as any best-selling adult thriller...." The Book Zone


Dogfight: "A fast-paced thriller" The Times "A full-throttle adventure" Sunday Express

Death Ray: "Mission Impossible  meets World War II" Learning Support

Dead or Alive: ".. There are plenty of twists and turns in this suspense filled story with so many heart-stopping moments there is hardly time to draw breath between them. Full of atmosphere and so vividly told you feel you share the friends' danger. An unputdownable read..." Primary Times (Star Read)

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Resistance by Craig Simpson


WWII Action: Two brothers, one war... their freedom. An epic tale of resistance and survival for two brothers on the run from the Nazis in occupied Norway. Set against a backdrop of the vast and frozen wilderness, this thriller tests their courage to the limits.


"A terrific romp .... fans of films starring Bruce Willis should love it." TES (Times Educational Supplement)